Full Room Service + 3D Renderings - $1999/room

This package provides all the services included in our Full Room Service package but gives you 3D rendered images of your finished space.  For those that may have a difficult time envisioning the end result with just pictures of furniture and may need some extra reassurance before shopping, our hand created 3D rendered images are customized to your space with our designs so you can see what the finished project will look like in near photo realistic quality.

You Get

3D Renderings

Style Board

Shopping List

Floor Plan

Elevation Plan(if needed)

Setup Instruction

Sample Full Room Service + 3D Renderings Package

Style Board

Elevation Plan

3D Renderings

Dining Room Floor Plan

Setup Instruction

  • Gather all items on the shopping list

  • Clear the dining room except buffet table, writing desk & chair

  • Lay the rug. Please use the floor plan and measurements provided for guidance on placement

  • Lay the hide rug at the corner area

  • Hang up the artwork on the wall. Utilize the elevation plan for guidance

  • Place the armchair in the corner

  • Set up the floor lamp next to the armchair

  • Place the accent table next to the armchair and floor lamp

  • Decorate the accent table with the pyramid object and books

  • Place two planters with plants inside at either side of the armchair and accent table

  • Place the pouf in front of the armchair

  • Please hire a professional electrician with excellent references to install the chandelier for you

  • Place the dining table on the area rug. Ensure the table is centered on the rug

  • Place all dining chairs

  • Put candles, rocks, and plants together as your centerpiece and place it on the dining table

  • Decorate the buffet table with accessories

  • Enjoy your dining room's new look!

Shopping List