JJones Design Co. is an e-design firm which offers interior design services for anyone from rental homes to commercial business owners. What makes us different than other e-design firms? We are one of the few e-design firms that can provide you a beautiful design from both national vendors as well as stores local to you. Many e-design firms align themselves with a few vendors only. You're not getting the best design that way, you're getting a design that is easiest for the designer and that makes them the most profit. We pride ourselves on the value of our designs; staying within your budget but providing the best quality products. Lastly, one thing that makes JJones Design Co. stand out compared to other e-design firms is that we are able to provide 3D digital renderings (photorealistic) to help you to envision how your space will look when the design is completed. It can be important to have these renderings to help you truly get a sense of what the room will look like when complete. This ensures that the design is going to be right for you, before you start work, and help you or a contractor know what the end result goal is for your remodel. This can save a lot of money on costly mistake or potential changes before you start the project. We do these rendering images in-house; saving you time and money.

If you want to learn more about our e-design services, please ask right away.