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JJones Design Co. specializes in online interior design and decorating services.  We work with you on your project and within the budget you're comfortable with. After understanding your needs, we do all the design work and then allow you to execute your custom design as you see fit.  It's all about you being in control of your project, on your timeline, and saving you money. We have clients all over the US and Canada with services for the renter, home owner, real estate agent or developer, commercial property owner or business owner.

If you've never considered an interior designer before or always thought it was too expensive, check out our portfolio of work and ask for a free quote to see how we can partner with you to create the space you've always dreamed of.

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"Joshua has helped us with 4 rooms in our home and he was GREAT! Joshua carefully considered our wants and needs and created beautiful rooms for us. His quick responses to questions and ideas made the process easy."

Lynn H. in Shreveport, Louisiana

Why Us?


If you're starting a design project on your own without the help from a professional interior designer, you will typically end up taking much longer to finish the project and probably change the design several times.  Because of that you'll start feeling overwhelmed and probably go over your budget; extra stress, extra hassle. We will help you with the design plan for your project and get it done within two weeks with a flat rate fee.  You will have the confidence to finish your project on your own time with the provided support and guidance by us; saving you lots of time and money on your project.

"He volunteered to answer questions post final approval which we very much appreciate.  This is a valuable resource for people who obsess and agonize over making mistakes and therefore do nothing to enhance their living spaces."

- Kim K. in Prescott, Arizona

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"Final result was better than I could have hoped for, Very happy with the product and process. Will highly recommend."

- Rey R. in Greer, South Carolina

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