How It Works


Step 1: Room Survey

You fill out an online room survey form and send us pictures of your space along with a basic floor plan with measurements. This helps us understand who you are and what you want to get out of your space that you don't have now; all within the budget that you determine.


Step 2: Design Phase

We work with you with constant one on one communication with your designer to develop a first look board. With the ongoing feedback of what you like or don't, we keep refining the design until you're happy.

Step 3: Final Design

We put together your final package that's fully accessible online and includes final design boards, floor plans, setup instructions, and a "smart" shopping list. This smart shopping list is an amazing tool that allows you one-click access to the vendors and suppliers of all the pieces to your design. Below is an example of a full e-design package.

Here is what you will get from this e-design package:


Step 4:  Complete Your Project

You complete your space's new look using the tools provided in your e-design package. Do it on your schedule, at your pace.

We'd love to see the final result.  Take a pic and share it with us!