What is an e-design?

E-design is short for online interior design

How can I make a payment after I select an e-design package?

Once you fill it out the room survey form, we will email you with a questionnaire to allow us to understand your design needs and style, ask for pictures and then we will send you an invoice via PayPal

How long will the e-design process take?

It takes approximately two to three weeks per room. We can potentially complete it in less time depending on how busy we are with other e-design projects

What if I am not happy with the design?

We will do up to two revisions per project for free before we send the final design. That’s why we strongly encourage our e-design clients to get involved with the e-design process. The more you communicate and provide detailed feedback, the better we can create the perfect design for you.

I live outside of Canada or the United States of America - can I still get your e-design services?

Yes, we recently expanded our e-design services outside of Canada and USA due to a high demand of clients in other markets. Since home decor and furniture stores vary drastically in other parts of the world, we will do our best to provide design guidance based upon resources in your area. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will give you a custom e-design package quote

I see that you don’t list the price for photo-realistic 3D renderings on your e-design package list - how much does it cost?

Each project is different so once we finalize the project and you want to include 3D renderings, we will provide a separate quote to you based upon the complexity of the design. Once the quote is approved, invoice and payment is made through PayPal. It would take an additional week or so depending on the project size.

Can you help me with my kitchen remodel project? What about bathroom?

Yes and yes! We can help you with that.

What is your personal design style?

We love being asked this question! We enjoy working with a lot of different styles but we really are drawn to California Casual, Modern Eclectic, Bohemian, Desert Rustic, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial and Modern Rustic styles.

What if any item from the shopping list you created is out of stock or back-ordered?

We try our best to avoid any items that are either low stock or on clearance or you won’t get the chance to purchase it when you are ready. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that items from independent vendors are in stock by the time you are ready to purchase. If you want to take advantage of big sales like Black Thursday/Friday, Boxing Day, or Memorial Day sales - I highly recommend planning your project ahead of time to ensure availability of the items you want.

How is communication handled with my designer during the design process?

We communicate via email which is monitored frequently for timely responses.

I see that you need me to draw a floor plan but I’m not good at drawing and want to make sure my measurements are right.

That’s why we created a Room Measurement Guidance tutorial to help you to draw the floor plan and measure it properly.

I need to provide photos of our space, so what kind of pictures do you want?

Let start with taking picture of the space as you first enter and what you see from that spot. After that, please take pictures of each wall straight on - even if it’s an opening or walk through into another space. Also please take picture of your ceiling and anything that you need us to know about your project. That will help us to understand your space better.

Once I receive the final design package with my personalized webpage from your website, how long will it be available on your website?

It will stay on our website forever. If something were to happen with our website, we will email your full design to you using the last known email address on file.

Will the digital shopping list you create for us be affiliated?

Any item on the shopping list may be affiliated but we do not design anything based on what is available for affiliated since we believe in the design that work best for your needs. In additional, you will not pay extra for any item via the affiliated links.

Once we receive the design package from you, is it okay for us to make some adjustment with the design?

Absolutely! Since it is YOUR space so you decide what work best. Keep in mind, we design your space and recommend any items or layout using years of professional design experience. Sometimes design is about a leap of faith.

Once we receive any item(s) that we order via your shopping list ended up not in excellent condition or wrong size or look off with the design - what should we do?

We will work with you to address the situation and select right items together that work best for your space at no additional costs.

I see that you also offer custom e-design service package - care to elaborate?

It can be any different kind of e-design services to meet your needs such as selecting paint color(s), space planning, light fixture selections or draw the lighting plan for your space, tiles/flooring selections, virtual staging, bath design, kitchen design, hospitality design, commercial design, and more. You can email us to discuss your needs for your project goal then we will give you the quote on the custom design services.