Modern Bohemian Dining Room For The Holidays

Modern Bohemian Dining Room with Holidays Decorations

Modern Bohemian Dining Room with Holidays Decorations

It is great time to think about how to get your home ready for the holidays. Currently, I'm inspired to design a modern bohemian style dining room in a high rise condo in downtown Vancouver; with the holidays in mind.  We usually see city dwellers in high rise condos with modern, contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian styles but what about modern bohemian? This particular style would work fabulous for high rise dwellers too!

What is modern bohemian? It is modern version of traditional bohemian or boho style. It tends to be a bit more simple with a minimalist feel while still adding character to the space. Elements of this style include rustic wood, faux fur pillows or blankets, metal and brass finishes, simple textiles and sometimes have bold colors to make a statement. Of course, it has to come with natural elements such as plants. You can't have bohemian style without plants! This time I included two trees that are designed to use for the holidays. For the round year, you would want to have live plants for your space too.

For this particular style, it doesn't require you to go over the top with your holiday decor. You can keep it simple but still have an elegant look for your space. This dining room design I'd suggest to decorate the dining table with three metal trees with tealight candles to add a little warmth and create a more cozy and inviting space.  With the white faux fur on the chairs and added sheepskin throw; it gives a sense of an elegant white Christmas.  Hope this design inspire you.

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