What is Joshua up to these days?

Joshua Jones Aug 2018.jpg

Wow! Where did the time go? In the past three months, I have become really busy which hasn't given me the opportunity to keep up with my blogs. Finally, things are slowing down so I can catch up with you guys about what is going on lately. Here is what I've been up to:

I have worked on over 30 online interior design projects! I will share some of my favorite e-design projects that I have worked on later this blog. :)

My other half, Jeffry, and I made several day trips around Metro Vancouver and northern Washington state to try out new restaurants and farmer markets on our day offs. That is something that we both enjoy doing. Lately, we are obsessed with Steveston Farmer & Artisan Market because they offer really great wines, pastries, fruits & vegetables. We love it when the farmer market offer wine tastings booths - of course, we often end up buying a bottle or 2....or 3. ;-)  And we've had some family visit from central Oregon and wonderful spending some time with them and meeting great new friends.  You know who you are Russ and Melissa!!

Ok, here is some of our favorite online interior design projects that I have worked on in the past few months. 

Modern Boho Deck 1.jpg
Modern Boho Deck 2.jpg

This client recently moved into their new house just before summer time and got excited to decorate their deck for the summer. We created a modern boho style outdoor living/dining space that would meet their needs for their social gatherings. There was a bit challenging about designing this outdoor space - the furniture arrangement that they wanted both living and dining space combined. I managed to find right furniture to make it work for this space without feeling crowded. We love the colors and patterns for this outdoor space and are pleased with the way it turned out. I have to be honest with you, I am actually jealous of this client since I want it for my outdoor living space too(if I had one!). This client is so lucky to have this amazing outdoor living/dining space design! :)

Modern Eclectic Den.jpg

This project is for the same client I worked with for their outdoor space shown above. This time, the client wanted to create a "Girl Boss" type office but didn't want pink, yellow or purple for their office. They, also wanted it to be a modern eclectic style as well. This client wanted this office to be an open and inviting space for social gatherings, business meeting, and work at home. I decided to play with patterns including the wallpaper and draperies to make the space more fun and to tie in some existing furniture pieces the client wanted to repurpose and new pieces like the cowhide rug, and chandelier. We love the way it turned out.

Industrial Living Room.jpg

I worked with a client that is currently doing a major house remodel project to change from a transitional to industrial style home. The previous owner removed the fireplace from the family room so this client wanted to add the fireplace back to the family room. They were concerned about how their new furniture would fit into the space with the fireplace back. I designed wainscoting above the fireplace that works great with the style of the house and new pieces. Can't wait for my client to share pictures on the end result!

Modern Eclectic Family Room.jpg

This client recently bought a new house and was doing some remodel projects around the house. I worked with this client in five different rooms. This particular room, family room - the client wanted this space to be a special space for some quiet time at home as well as for social gatherings since it has access to their outdoor space. The client and their partner both have very different styles and struggled to reach common ground. I found a solution that works great for their personal styles - modern eclectic.  Since the concept and pieces come from different eras and other styles, it allows some more creative freedom to mix and max, blending two different personalities together into something coherent.  You typically see Adobe style homes with a corner fireplace, and many people play it safe with neutral colors or work with natural settings.  We went the opposite direction to make a bold and dramatic look for this space. What you see from this drop-on rendering - the blue walls is wallpaper, not paint. It makes the wall arts, chandelier, and yellow chair stands out more and provides texture to the space. Cool huh? We are in love with the way it turned out. This is one of my all the time favorite online interior design projects. 

Modern Eclectic Office Guest Room.jpg
Modern Eclectic Office Guest Room 2.jpg

I have worked with this client in the past on another e-design project (family/playroom). This time, we worked together on their home office/guest room. The client wanted this space to be a fun place to work in or for their guests to enjoy when they come over for the night. We chose fun colors - blush, midnight blue, white, and gold for this room. I chose a bold wallpaper to make a statement. It does help make the bed and chandelier stand out more. I managed to make this space work without feeling crowded for both office and bedroom furniture combined. It was fun working on this project!

You can see that I have worked with many clients from all over the U.S. and Canada with different styles through our online interior design & decorating services. If you have your own design challenges, please reach out to us.  We'd love to help and potentially feature you in a future blog!