5 Years Later... Some New Announcements

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve been operating our online interior design & decorating services for over five years now. We first started back on March 17, 2014. The company was originally called Roomz Design before being rebranded to JJones Design Co. just a little over two years ago.

From time to time, some people ask us how we started the business in the first place. I discussed that on one of our vlogs here last year. While in school, I never thought I would end up doing online interior design. I planned on graduating and working at some design or architecture firm initially. Online interior design was just a fledgling industry and not something that most people were familiar with, let alone heard of. The recession had hit hard in 2008 and the industry took a big hit with everything cinching their belts. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity for new designers. After some time and support from my partner, friends, and family I decided to venture into the online design space.

After looking back at the last five years, it’s amazing to see how much the e-design industry has evolved and I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing clients across the USA, Canada, and Greece. We have completed nearly 300 projects which is mostly on residential, rentals, some vacation homes, non-profit organizations and commercial offices all online. Anything is possible, right?

Looking forward, we have a couple of exciting announcements.

Online interior design & decorating services

New Website Look

Over the past month, we gave our website a makeover trying to make it easier to read, navigate, and understand what we are about. Please feel free to check it out and we truly hope you like it as much as we do! We welcome any feedback!

Our E-Design Services Go Global

We are expanding, which means that we now can work with anyone outside of Canada and the USA virtually. In the past, we’ve received the random request from clients around the globe wanting help designing their spaces. We had decline because we weren’t familiar with vendors that are available in their home countries and didn’t feel comfortable making good design recommendations. After doing some consideration and research and then taking a risk by working on an e-design project in Greece it taught us that we can still bring wonderful design to anyone, regardless of the resources at their disposal. For any countries outside of the USA and Canada, we can provide you design guidance such as space planning, paint colors, 2D or 3D renderings, and setup instructions. The e-design package can be customized based on what you need from your project. You can get in touch with me personally about your design needs and we’d love to help you achieve the space of your dreams.

All New FAQ

We created a new FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for some of the common questions we receive about our services. You can check it out here.

We are so excited to what the next five years and beyond have in store for us and the relationships we continue to build in the community and with our clients. What do you think of our website’s new look? Please let us know by leave your comments below. :)