Designing Your Child's Bedroom

In our last blog, we discussed about the gender neutral nursery. Now we focus on decorating on children bedrooms when they graduate from the crib lifestyle.

It can be challenging to think about how much should you invest in your child's room and how often would you change/update the look over time as your child gets older. That question made me think about how often parents are willing to allow their children to change/update their room looks. I have done a design survey on my own time. The result? The average number of time people change/update their bedroom from the age they no longer sleep in the crib to age 18 is two to three times. Most of them kept their furniture but rearranged the bedroom, changed the colors/themes, and some purchased new furniture to replace or add to their rooms while growing up. That gives us the better idea of how often parents would update their children's bedrooms.

Before you start planning for your child's bedroom project - please make sure know what colors your child love because sometime some colors that you are in love with can be exact opposite for your child. For example, my parents loved red and decorated my bedroom with lots of red when I was child and I hated red to death and tried to stay away from my bedroom as much as possible. Trust me, you don't want that to happen to your child too! :)

For starters, select good quality furniture that can last so that your investment would benefit for long time from early childhood to adulthood. I understand that some high quality furniture is not always affordable but think about it - if you buy cheap furniture then it would fall apart within 1-3 years from now then you would have to replace it occasionally until your child become an adult. It would become very expensive than compared to good quality furniture. Consider this as good investment for your child bedroom project.

Once you select right furniture then you can start think about what theme, colors, bedding, and accessories that would look great for your child's bedroom. It can be either simple or wildly fun to get your child excited and spend more time in their room.

I created both girl and boy bedrooms styleboards to show you how right furniture would make the difference with your child's bedroom design plan from early childhood to teenager. Here is an example of how can girl bedroom design evolve over time.

Now, here is an example of how can boy bedroom design evolve over time.

Now you see how both bedrooms design evolve over times with same furniture with different styles, colors, patterns, themes, and child's interests. Some furniture can be added to your child bedroom later only if you don't have budget for it or don't need it at this moment. As your child gets older, you can change the wall colors, replace drapes, change the bedding or rug to give your child's bedroom an update and stylish look.

Hope this blog helps you to get better idea of what to spend on your child's bedroom and how to do it right for long term without becoming too expensive by changing the room look often while your child growing up.

If you need help with your child's bedroom's project. You can start here.