Bohemian Sunroom

Bohemian Sunroom.jpg

Summer is here now, the perfect time to think about styling a sunroom into a cozy and fun place to hang out and have a conversation with your friends and family, enjoying the sunshine all the while. Usually, the sunrooms I see are in a traditional style and rarely else. It’s sad that people don’t make this space a design priority and often becomes underutilized because it’s not a great place to be. For summer 2019, I’m dreaming of a Bohemian sunroom and I want to share my latest Joshua’s Top Picks with you!

So, as the name implies, the ideal sunroom has a good number of windows to keep the space bright and let in all that beautiful sunshine. This makes the space great for houseplants needing plenty of direct sunlight in order to survive. I went with a fun and bold colors to add character to the design and worked around natural design elements with wood, woven textiles, and texture. I chose some funky items such as the “hand” accent chair. You’ve seen this chair before, but it’s been reinterpreted boho with its construction of natural wood carving and a small throw pillow; a great conversation starter when your guests enter the space. While the mood board only shows a single plant, this room design works with any number of plants. Hope you love all the elements I’ve curated for this Boho sunroom! Enjoy and happy shopping!