Target Finds - California Casual Style Accessories

Joshua's Top Picks - Target Finds copy.jpg

A couple days ago, Jeffry and I traveled across the border to Washington state to shop at one of our favorite American stores, Target, since we don’t have any here in Canada. We usually go there to get some personal items and other brands we can’t find in Canada, but I ALWAYS stop by the home decoration department because they usually change every 2-3 months with some updated looks.

I often like to check out what’s new and see or test items in person before I make any recommendations for my e-design clients. I saw a number of really great finds this particular trip and wanted to share them with you!

After I put it all together I realized that it all naturally coalesced into a really cool California Casual vibe. And being Target; it’s also budget friendly. These items are ideal for either a living room or den. I hope you love these items as much as I did when I saw them. Now if only Jeffry would let me buy them!

Happy Shopping! :)