Joshua's Top Picks For Fall Decor

It is hard to believe that fall is here already! I love to see all the tree leaves changing color and the weather cooling which is my all the time favorite season! Every late summer or early fall, I always get excited to look at stores to see what kind of fall decorations they have in stock.

I understand that fall decorations are usually focused on a couple specific styles - country or farmhouse style and it’s typically what most retailers stock. However, I know not everyone is crazy about those styles, so I managed to find some great fall decor that works with different styles such as rustic glam, industrial, bohemian, eclectic, and modern.

Below is a great fall decoration inspiration photo that represent industrial style from Pottery Barn.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

I am excited to share with you what I found online that could look great with any different styles than just country or farmhouse styles. I have created a shopping list below to make it easier for you to look at these or even purchase it for your home or workplace or even would be perfect gift for someone that you know would love it.

Mixing these pieces with real pumpkins our gourds is also fantastic and helps balance any look; which is what I do in my own home.

Happy Shopping & Decorating!

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Pumpkins? Gourds? Let's Get Them For Our Home!

A selection of gourds for Autumn.

A selection of gourds for Autumn.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Jeffry and I are still new to Canada so we don't really have Canadian traditional Thanksgiving holiday yet. We decided to have a day trip to Richmond Country Farms after hearing about it for a while to get some pumpkins and gourds to add more to our fall decoration at our home. We both enjoy going to the pumpkin patches at different places. We missed our chance to go to the pumpkin patch last year. :( However, I like to share with you about our experiences with this farm.

Large pumpkins at Richmond Country Farms

Large pumpkins at Richmond Country Farms

Just after we arrive at this farm, this place is much bigger than we expected. I had no idea that they also sell fresh organic fruits and vegetables for great price. Of course, we ended up purchased some of them as well. We went browsing around the farm and its market area to see what they have to offer. They got lots of great selection of pumpkins and gourds. I have an obsession with gourds because they're beautiful and different than typical orange pumpkins that we usually see around everywhere every fall season. Don't get me wrong, I love orange pumpkins too but we need to think outside of the boxes when it comes to fall decoration too. Here are some more pictures of gourds we saw at the farm.


Cool huh? This farm has so much more pumpkins but we decided not to enter the actual pumpkin patch since it was crowded and had really long waiting line. This farm sells ten thousands of pumpkins at its market area too. One part of this market has really nice pumpkin display like this.

This farm has lots of adorable animals. The animals we saw: gooses, chickens, and goats. The gooses and chickens wander around the farm and market. Goats are in fenced area but were friendly enough for us to pet it.


Lastly, we discovered that this farm has wine tasting bar too! OMG! I don't recall seeing any pumpkin patches we have been to that offer wine tasting too. Of course, we went there to try their wines. We like three wines of their wine collection and ended up purchase three wine bottles. Their wine tasting bar is really cozy place just next to the pumpkin farm. It is perfect place for adults that want to escape from screaming kids running around the farm to relax. ;-)

I have to say this Richmond Country Farms have exceed our expectation. We would come back again for sure. If you haven't been to this farm yet, I highly recommend you to go check this farm out.