California Casual Living Room

California Casual Living Room Board copy.jpg

In the past year, I’ve enjoyed some project with my e-design clients that have requested a California Casual style for their homes. So many items have caught my eye and I wish I had an extra house to design in this style, but alas, that is not meant to be! I know some of you will love some of these pieces yourself, so here’s my personal selection of California Casual style just for you.

Just in the case you’re wondering what California Casual style is - it’s a mix of modern bohemian, modern coastal, and a bit of industrial styles with natural vibes. It’s a very popular style and one of my favorite to work with. If you need my help in transforming your home with this style, please reach out to me by going here.

This California Casual living room design that I put it together works great with lighter tones and colors on the walls and may work well with an accent wall. I found a really cool TV design, called The Frame by Samsung, which makes a TV look like wall art with different frame options and you choose any art or photo you like for your TV when it is not in use. Cool huh? It skillfully camouflages that modern necessity that is often an eyesore ina beautifully designed room into another piece of art the blends seamlessly into a design. And it can be a different piece of art depending on the day of the week or your mood! The mirror, art, and accessories which is shown on this board is meant for either a fireplace mantel or shelf.

Happy Shopping! :)