California Casual Dining Room

California Casual Dining Room copy.jpg

This California Casual style dining room is inspired by a beautiful Malibu beach house I saw when I lived in southern California. It creates a fun energy with a stylish beach vibe look for your dining room. If you like, you can add more plants around the space to make it feel more lively and homey.

I selected modern boho style dining chairs to keep it light and simple but still create a chic look for the dining room. I feel that having an industrial style dining table and barstools help balance the look without going overboard with boho style. This dining room design is an interesting space for your family or guests to enjoy the meals together and still allow you to appreciate some unique selections such as sideboard, table lamps, chandelier, draperies, and rug. I decided to add some pops of colors in the draperies and rug to make this space feel more lively and fun.

Happy Shopping! :)